Friday, April 10, 2009


Yes he is crawling!! Yesterday morning I put chase down and turned around, all of a sudden I had a little man at my feet!! He is so proud of himself, you can see it all over his face! My easy days are over. I am having to make sure the bathroom door is shut, as well as tying all cupboards down! Chase is having the time of his life exploring his new world! It's so fun to see him at this next stage!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Is Here!!

So I have decided to try this whole blogging thing out! I'm not the best journalist in the world, so hopefully this will motivate me into doing better.I am so happy spring has FINALLY arrived! The warm weather always motivates me to go out into the outdoor world!Chase is getting so BIG! I cannot believe how time flies. He is starting to pull himself up onto everything. He has started teething! He alredy has his two lowers in, I noticed the other day he got his next set of lowers in!! He has four teeth on the bottom now!! He is now getting his ONE upper tooth!! Ha Ha! He is going to have a goofy smile for awhile! He had his first Temper Tantrum the other day. I took his bum cream away from him, he threw himself on the floor kicking and crying! Needless to say off to bed he went!!! Other then that he is very even tempered. We have loved being parents. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful baby in our home!!!